Hi, my name is Dmitry Golubnichy. My friends call me “alien”, because I have a no nationality passport, or “shchochki”, for cheeks and constant smiling. In fall 2013 I tried to help myself to bring my happiness back but happened to help the whole world.

One thing lead to another and in the chase of a better life the lack of snow for skiing in Swiss Alps, only 35 ticks in my visited country list, only 55 sqm in my apartment in central Zurich, not enough of career progression opportunities in one of the world’s biggest companies suddenly became determinants of my happiness.


I went to my hometown and tried sharing my ‘first world-problems’ with childhood friends, but faced a group of content people who are happy because they still the same job they got after high school, they are still together with their high school girlfriends, who are now their wives and mothers of their children, and they gather for the same beer every week with the same people at the same good old bar.

I came back home and promised to myself that – if those guys can be happy with what they have – then I should be to and I will be able to find at least 1 little thing to be happy about for next 100 days. To increase chances that I will actually finish this personal challenge, I made posts public over social network with #100happydays hashtag.


On day 12 my friends started wondering what is it all about and if they can join the challenge. As days passed, more and more people were jumping in on board the challenge and I felt more and more like Forrest Gump on his crazy run. But only on Dec 30 when I put this website live and 3000 people registered in one evening, I understood there is a bigger crowd waiting to join the run.

At the moment, the challenge has been taken by more than 8 000 000 people from 160 countries and territories around the world, and I have quit my job to inspire more people to choose happier living. By now, I have launched over 15 different projects in line with this mission, which includes HIGH5 strengths test, The Global Bubble Parade, and Chimp or Champ. If you want to get in contact, I will be glad to have a chat: hello(at)100happydays.com


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