Can ye be jolly fer

a century of moons

back ta back?



What ho?


It be a short life \’tween birth an\’ walking\’ tha plank, so set sail in tha wake o\’ tha blue bird o\’ happiness.


71% of tars weighed anchor afore completion\’ this challenge, citing to small an hour glass. This crew did not tarry enough ta be \’appy. d\’ye?

How? Plain sailing!


Each setting o\’ tha sun, present a portrait o\’what caused ye jolliness.


It can be sharin\’ some grog \’n\’ grub with me hearty, or yelling \’ahoy\’ ta ye fellow mate, or grabbin\’ some booty off a landlubber, or saving some scallywag from the cat o\’ nine tails.


#100jollyday challenge be fer ye – nay fer not one else.


It not be a jolliness clash or a braggart bout. If ye try to arouse covetous fervour, ye will lose afore beginning\’. Tha same be said fer swindling.

ye need ta chronicle in the dare >\’ere<, The choose ye treasured plank fer profferin\’ ye portraits. \’ere ye can pitch on tha privacy o\’ ye partaken\’ \’n\’ jolly junctures.


  • Divvy ye likeness by way of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with a common hashtag #100happydays;
  • Invent ye own hashtag to divvy ye portraits with ta fetter ballyhoo. bethink ta give orders fer where ye portraits be buried.
  • Set sail ye portraits ta myhappyday (at) ta fight shy of puffery.

And ye be ready ta weigh anchor!


fer what reason would ye discharge that?


Buccaneers victoriously consumatin\’ the trial attested ta:
– heeded what makes \’em jolly;
– be shouting\’ yo ho ho every sunset;
– collected more blarney from other mateys;
– Fathom how fortuitous they be ta sail tha ship they sail;
– wax further bouyant;
– plunge in besottedness durin\’ tha tribulation.


Visit, tell us the story of your challenge and get 100 happy moments printed. Voilà!

Are ye ready?


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